Amadou Bassirou Sar

  • Graduated from the Centre of Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (CEDS) of Paris, in 2000; 
  • Higher Diploma Specialised Studies in Law and Economics in the Banking Industry – from University of Paris 1 “LA SORBONNE”, in 1978; 
  • Received a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree focussed on Law Sciences (Businesses Law) – from Dakar University, in 1977;
  • Fluent in French, English, Spanish, Wolof and good skills in Italian.

Bassirou is an experienced Auditor with over 40 years of professional experience who has spent most of his career in this sector with one of the leading firms at that time, namely Arthur Andersen. After 15 years of good and loyal service within this audit and consulting World leader, he decided to switch to the Industry sector.

In 1993, Bassirou was chosen to lead the largest canvas and jute bag manufacturing unit in the West African sub-region. An ephemeral experience (1993-1994) because the profitability of the company was not proven afterwards.

After this brief stint in Industry, in 1995, Bassirou created his own Audit and Consulting firm, namely Bassirou Sar Consulting Group (in short BSC). From the start of its activities, Bass affiliated his firm to an international Network of independent audit firms located in five continents: JPA International of which he has been invited to sit on the Board of Directors.

In addition to being an Auditor, Bassirou is also:

  • Consultant in business organization;
  • Legal Advisory;
  • Tax Expert; and
  • Legal Expert approved by the Senegalese Courts.

In the exercise of the professions he embraced, Bassirou has crisscrossed most countries of the world, especially in Africa, America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Individually, Bassirou is a member of several professional associations / boards, both in the areas of Expertise and Consulting. The affiliation of these bodies with large international Organizations confers on him the quality of Certified Expert with the latter.

His personal notoriety has earned a certain recognition which enabled Bassirou to serve entities atypical in relation to his original curriculum. This is how he was appointed Representative, in the sub-region, of leading firms in the fields of:

  • Printing of banknotes;
  • Manufacturing circulating coins;
  • Design and implementation of destruction systems for these same, and sensitive documents …;
  • At the time of shutting down the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Senegal, the Government of this
  • Country designated him as Honorary Consul. Position he has held since 1996.

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