Our work

Civil Society Engagement

The Baobab Institute is currently supporting the development of a strategy to better engage civil society organizations in Family Planning and Sexual and Reproductive Health programs. Civil Society organizations are an integral part of the development ecosystem and as such, they have a role to play in the implementation of programs and in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These organizations are also expected to play a role in following-up on commitments made by governments thus ensuring their accountability.

The Baobab Institute works to strengthen the environment to civil society organizations to strive. A key priority in that work is to ensure an open and inclusive space for CSOs to reverse the unfortunate trend observed in many countries with increased restrictions and closing of the space.

Health and Development in a Digital Age

We believe rapid progress in Global Health/Development can be realized with the proper use and leveraging of Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence. We are committed to Transformation of Health Systems and the creation of the conditions under which members of society can leverage digital tools and reap the benefits of increased access to care, information and other essential services. We are actively participating in the global Transform Health Coalition initiative (www.tranformhealthcoalition.org ) and look forward to further collaboration with the many partners working in this space.

The Baobab Institute focuses on capacity strengthening, as well as on research, use of data and advocacy, through our strategic partners: Global Research and Advocacy Group (GRAG), Etrilabs and Speak Up Africa.

Training and Learning

We use a “Blended Learning Approach” and promote Lifelong Learning as a way to empower Global Health and Development Practitioners to engage in ongoing pursuit of knowledge. We invite you to look for our course offerings starting in 2022. While its activities will target already practicing providers, supervisors and managers, the Baobab Institute also focuses on strengthening the links between pre-service and in-service education. We commit to supporting the next generation of Global Health/Development leaders and to that end, offer our organization as a platform for faculty and students from all around the world looking for field experience and opportunities to further their global learning.