Local ownership

We encourage, expedite and support local ownership and strengthen the capacity of local systems to deliver sustainable results at regional, and national levels.


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A word from our president

Pape Amadou Gaye, MBA

In the post-COVID 19 era we are witnessing a shift in the way actors including donors, implementors and host nations in low- and middle-income countries conduct the business of Global Development. With a short 7 years before the SDG deadline, the Global Health agenda remains largely unfinished with new challenges competing with old ones. A global pandemic, an upsurge of non-communicable diseases and many new priorities including climate change, food security and threats on peace and security in the Sahel region of West Africa all call for a new approach to development and for new ways of working. Following my retirement in 2020 after more than 15 years as CEO of IntraHealth International a leading US NGO, I decided to work with like-minded colleagues to start the Baobab Institute for Health and Development a regional organization registered and based in Dakar Senegal. Through the Institute we want to respond to the call by actively engaging to make the paradigm shift a reality. We subscribe to the agenda of making development less donor dependent and driven and believe that Africa has the talent and human resources needed to make the necessary changes needed to accelerate progress. Furthermore, the continent is experiencing economic growth and opportunities abound for even faster and more robust development of the continent with active participation of its young population. We however believe that a new model of country led development is only possible if the local ecosystems are ready for the change and local actors actively engaged in it. That is way we are dedicated to creating a platform to raise local voices, prepare local actors and create the necessary conditions for new and young leaders to play the roles they are so eager to play. After more than 40 decades living and working oversees, I have decided to dedicate my next chapter putting to use the wonderful experience I was blessed to acquire. I believe one of the best investments we can make is on people and the best way to help people achieve their goal is listen and learn from them through meaningful partnerships. Please reach out and share with us your thoughts, your ideas and lessons you are learning on the journey to transform our countries, our regions and ourselves to promote health, eliminate poverty and increase everyone’s chance to thrive


On the ground scalable results

The Baobab Institute encourages local ownership and strengthens the capacity of local systems to deliver sustainable results at regional, national, subnational and community levels. This approach will help ensure local actors have key representation and play a leading role in the development of their countries.

Serve local stakeholders

We are here to work with African governments and their development partners to co-create locally-led sustainable solutions, deliver impact and document results . We bring solid connections with the global development community and will leverage that position to help forge lasting strategic partnerships around national development agenda and programs. We foster and nurture active engagement of new players such as social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and others in the process to accelerate progress.

Our passion for Partnership

The Baobab Institute enjoys excellent relationships with multilateral organizations, the donor community, civil society organizations and the private sector and aspires to become a partner of choice to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and accelerate the growth. economy of our continent.


The Baobab Institute is a platform that focuses on three efforts that we believe are fundamental for the post-Covid-19 era including localization, digitization and entrepreneurship for development. Among its founding members are renowned global health and SRH champions who have made significant contributions to recent progress in Family Planning observed in French-speaking Africa. We intend to leverage this expertise and help accelerate progress of the global family planning movement in the region.